waterways executive pumps 56 frame 220 v ( 2 hp , 3 hp , 4 hp , 5 hp )

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Waterway  Executive 56-Frame  Dual-Speed Spa Pumps, 2-1/2 inch and Intake, 2 inch Discharge,   230V 

available option in 2 inch intake with 2 inch discharge or 2.5 intake and 2 inch discharge

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options on pump wet end orientation with center intake and side discharge information

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Air purge nipple

add air purge nipple on hot tubs with air purge assist build . they are installed on the wet end face plate of the pump for hot tubs that have the air line purge options installed . a pump may have one or two of these installed on the pump to assist air purging and reduce chance of an air lock on the pump.


code 100 part 3720821-13 3721221-13 3721621-13 3722021-13