Unicel - C-9650 Jacuzzi CFR-50 (90501) filter replacement, Filbur FC-1460, Pleatco PJ-50-4


  • Diameter: 9 15/16-inch; length: 10-inch
  • Top end cap: open, 5 13/16-inch inner diameter; bottom end cap: open, 6-1/16-inch inner diameter
  • Pleat count: 194; filter media: 4-ounce reemay 2040; filter area: 50 square feet
  • Get more efficient filtration and better water clarity with Unicel filters
  • Longer time between cleanings; meets oem specifications
  • 50 Square Foot Jacuzzi CFR-50.
  • Has no center core.
  •  Replacement for: Jacuzzi Brothers 42-2940-09-R
  • OEM 4-ounce product has black end caps and 3-ounce product has slate blue end caps. Jacuzzi part number for this product formerly 42-2369-01 and 42-2887-04-R., Jacuzzi Brothers 42-2940-09-R, Jacuzzi Brothers 42-2940-09-R, Jacuzzi Brothers 42-2940-09-R