Unicel C-4308 | Filbur FC-6305 | Pleatco POX-25-IN Sonfarrel, Advantage Electric 25


  • Unicel Part No: C-4308
  • Diameter: 4-15/16"
  • Length: 14-9/16"
  • Top: 2-1/8" Open
  • Bottom: 2-1/8" Open
  • 25 sq.ft.
  • Media: Reemay
  • Brand: Unicel Premium
  • This filter is a compatible replacement for Pleatco POX25-IN and Filbur FC-6305.

    Use a genuine Unicel brand hot tub filter to keep your hot tub or spa water sparkling clean. Made with Reemay filter media, genuine Unicel brand hot tub filters are durable and effective at capturing the tiniest of debris. Unicel hot tub replacement filters are available in a variety of sizes and built to OEM specifications, so you’re sure to get a perfect fit for your hot tub. Use this filter to replace your worn out or damaged hot tub filter or as a back up to maximize the time between filter changes. Easy to install, the genuine Unicel replacement filter delivers OEM quality performance at a great value.

    Manufacturers who use the C-4308:

    Advantage Manufacturing, Honey Tubs, Onyx Water Products, Sonfarrel and more.

    Also known by these other OEM part numbers:

    • Ele-25-1 Top Load
  • **23-TBX-427