Unicel - 4CH-22 Free flow spa #FF-150 (40257)


  • Diameter: 4 15/16-inch; length: 6 5/8-inch
  • Top end cap: open, 2-1/8-inch inner diameter; bottom end cap: 1-1/2-inch male thread/mpt, 0-inch inner diameter
  • Pleat count: 212; filter media: 3-ounce reemay 2033; filter area: 25 square feet
  • Get more efficient filtration and better water clarity with Unicel filters
  • Longer time between cleanings; meets oem specifications
  • 25 Square Foot Freeflow Spas TLX, RLX.
  • Replacement for: Unicel 25 Square Foot, Freeflow Spas TLX; Freeflow Spas RLX