O.T.T Standard hot tub spa rectangle cover ( 5 inch to 3 inch taper )


Standard hot tub spa rectangle cover ( 5 inch to 3 inch taper )

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TAPER GUIDE on hot tub covers

  FEATURES   BASIC   STANDARD   5 " - 3 " add 1 inch option
  Size   4”-2.5”   5”-3”   6”-4”
  R-Factor*   R-14   R-20   R-29
  Straps   Heavy-Duty Wind Straps   Heavy-Duty Wind Straps   Heavy-Duty Wind Straps
   Foam**   1.5 lb. Aquatic Grade Core   1.5 lb. Aquatic Grade Core   1.5 lb. Aquatic Grade Core
  Core Moisture   Barrier   Polymer 
  Vapor Seal-4 Mil Core 
  Moisture Barrier
  Vapor Seal-4 Mil Core 
  Moisture Barrier
  Vapor Seal-4 Mil Core 
  Moisture Barrier

  cranberry     cedar       forest green    slate

   grey              oyster         chocolate      navy blue

  1. Square with Rounded corner hot tub cover




Our vinyl is specially designed for hot tub covers, it is treated with uv and mildew inhibitors and has a cold crack resistance of -23

Tapered Foam Insulation

All of our covers feature closed cell foam insulation with a 5" thickness tapered down to 3" to allow water run-off for all outdoor covers. It is wrapped in 4-ml poly sheeting for extra protection from moisture chemical and for extra support we insert a heavy gauge c-channel into the foam running the length of the cover at the fold. We use high density 1.5 lb closed cell foam that will withstand heavy snowfalls, pets and children with an R-24 insulation value.


Our Tarpalene backing is of the best quality for the underside of your cover. It has the highest resistance to mildew, moisture and chemical burn and will not shrink or stretch.

Extra Protection

Our three layer hinge is reinforced and is strong enough to be used with a full bar cover lifter.

All of our covers are made with a gap bag which is a bag that runs the entire length and thickness of the cover between the two halves. This means that there is no room for moisture or heat to escape or for chemical to deteriorate stitching or zippers.

Locking tie down straps are added to keep the cover down during strong winds as well as keeping out young children and unwanted guests. Our fasteners come with both male and female ends as well as a key for added safety.

Above all, our hot tub covers will meet or exceed all of the Canadian safety standards. , please contact us for your custom cover needs. 1-855-248-0777