Slip x Spigot Magic Knife Valve ( 1.5 inch , 2 inch , 2.5 inch option )


Slip x Spigot Magic Knife Valve

The innovative patented design of the Magic Uni-Body valve was engineered for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. The built in Snap-Lock guarantees zero flow restriction during operation while the Cam-Lock function provides a 100% positive seal when shutoff is required. We have also added a specially formulated dry lubricant to our Seals and then over mold them directly to the valve gate, eliminating the need to repair or replace the gate seals. The Magic Uni-Body valve is available in a variety of configurations in 1˝, 1½˝, 2˝ and 2½˝ IPS sizes. 

use primer and glue for connecting this p.v.c fitting

Slip x Spigot