SeaKlear Pool Pods Weekly Care (2 Pack)


Product Type: Pool

SeaKlear Weekly Care Pods offer a 3-in-1 formula to keep your water clean and clear, remove phosphates, and prevent scummy build-up in an easy-to-use format. 
  • Triple punch: clarifier, phosphate remover and enzyme cleaner
  • Saves time – just toss and go
  • No Guessing – premeasured for easy dosing
  • The best clarifier available for clean, clear water
  • 125ppb phosphate removal per pod in 15,000 gallons
  • Less Waste – no overdosing and no messy bottles
  • Add Mighty Pods to your weekly sanitizer routine and take your water from 
good to better!
  • Each pod works on pools that are up to 15,000 gallons
  • Natural and eco friendly
  • Made in the United States

Product Dosage

One self-dissolving pod tossed in the skimmer once a week will keep water clear, phosphates low, and surfaces safe from scummy build-up. Each pod is designed to treat up to 15,000 gallons of pool water.


Available Sizes

  • 2-pack
  • Now available in a service friendly 50-pack!