• Pentiar Cyclone Jet nozzles / jets housings and diffusers


    Pentair jets are manufactured in the USA by Balboa Water Group. Their range of jets are called Cyclone jets, these jets can be found on a range of well known spa brands, brands such as Master Spas, Down East Spas, Emerald Spas, Marquis Spas, Dimension One, Great Lakes Spas,Cal Spa , Polar Spa and Vita Spas. 
    The best way to identify if you have a Pentair jet is to look at the rear diffuser part of the jet, if it is made of a frosted clear plastic then you have a Pentair Water Jet.

    Cyclone Barrel Large Jets

    Pentair Jet Diffusers

    see the full range on the shelf of Pentair / Balboa Cyclone Jets, replacement models  Cyclone, Micro Cyclone, Luxury Cyclone and Cyclone which are the largest in the range. Models are available with either stainless or grey faces and smooth, textured or emerald cut finishes.