Unicel-MF-925 Micropure disposable filter replaces : C-4335


  • Use less chemicals, have cleaner water & no filter cleaning
  • Replaces pleated filters: 4-15/16" diameter, 9-1/4" length, 2-1/8" open core.
  • Replaces: Micropure MF-925, Unicel C-4335, Pleatco PRB35-IN, Filbur FC-2385.
  • Will last for three months for optimal filteration
  • With less contaminants in the water
  • Filter faster and more efficiently than any other hot tub filter. Faster filtration means faster water recovery, taking contaminants out before they cause a decrease on your sanitizer
  • Eliminate the need for defoamers, clarifiers, cleaners, enzymes and descummers.
  • Remove solids in spa water and lowers the TDS, extending the time between hot tub water changes.
  • Remove minerals and stop buildup on spa parts
  • Have a lower density at the surface, with higher density towards the center. This allows particles to get trapped through the entire depth of the filter, creating superior dirt-holding capacity
  • Lower your maintenance time and costs on chemicals.