• Digital Media Locker™ Audio Dock ( complete media locker and parts option)


    The AQ-DM-4UBT Digital Media Locker™ is a high quality, robust and durable waterproof spa stereo for use with Bluetooth, USB, iPhone, iPod, MP3 and FM radio.

    • Supports Bluetooth, USB, iPod, iPhone & MP3 devices and both US & Euro FM radio
    • IP65 Rated, for use in any environment (dry, wet, muddy, damp etc)
    • External Door Controls
    • 2-Way Radio Frequency remote with 40ft range
    • DSP EQ Presets, Bass/Treble, Balance/Fader
    • Built-in 288W amplifier allows for quick and easy installation
    • 2x RCA Pre-Outs (4V)
    Pairing instruction