IN.THERM: 4.0KW HEATER for xm systems ( 0603-409001 - 0603-416001 )


IN.THERM: 4.0 KW HEATER ( 0603-409001 - 0603-416001 ) Intelligent remote heater for IN-XM system. Can be replaced by the blue version: 0603-416001. 

    Separated from the pack, in.therm is an smart 4kw remote heater that integrates electronics directly in its power box. Its long list of features includes a built-in temperature probe and a new water flow detection function that eliminates the need of a pressure switch.

In.therm is made to last. The design of its unique seamless enclosure and its cover gasket eliminates all risks of water infiltration. Filled with epoxy, its electronic board compartment is protected against the stress of water flow vibrations. This Heater is used with the In.xm spa pak series.Web_xm_face.jpg

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code 100 , 101 201 206 part 0603-416001