• 7 x 7 ft and 8 ft x 8 ft Cover Caps ( protects your hot tub cover )


    -Fits large spas and is the perfect hot tub cover protection for harsh winter as well as for those hot summer months. 

    Cover cap protects your investment in the spa cover and saves energy too.

    • Durable Woven Polyethelene
    • Strong Material
    • Fits over Rigid Spa Cover

    This easy on, easy off spa cover cap with the shorter skirt length of 12" will fit easily over your existing large spa cover without needing to tie ropes.

    A longer skirt length is available with ropes for those large spas that will be closed for the winter.  It is so much more fun in Canada though, to use that big spa in the winter months with the snow all around.  Invite some friends for some ski-chalet style relaxation in your hot tub with the snow all around and the steam rising up.

    Whether you use the spa in the winter is a matter of personal preference, so there is a cover cap type for both choces.  Shorter skirt lengths for spas that are used in the winter and longer skirt lengths for those large spas that will be closed.

    Available in different sizes :

    7'x7'x12" Elastic in Hem

    8'x8'x12" Elastic in Hem

    7'x7'x38" Rope and Loops

    8'x8'x38" Rope and Loops